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Irvine Capital Group Seeks Active Role Parnterships | Angel Investor

Active Role Partnerships

Active Role Partnerships Are Our Preferred Structure

Active Role Business Parntership | Irvine Capital Group Inc. | Irvine CA
We find that our partnerships excel best when we are able to find partners that not only have a business model that we agree with, but are also a good fit with the values of our company culture. When we're able to lend some expertise to the business and grow with it from inception all parties involved benefit from a more stable growth pattern.
Business is like a marriage in many aspects. Mutual respect and common core values are essential. While it may work for some firms, we find ourselves passing on opportunities that we cannot see ourselves involved in some capacity 10 years down the line. A long term approach is our way. Always has been and always will be.
It all starts with forming a solid relationship. We'd love to chat with you and your team to go over your goals and give you a more in depth view of who we are and how we can potentially be an asset to your company.
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